Day 1:  Arrival in Chisinau, meeting the tourists (group) at the airport. Transfer to the hotel, check in/ Welcome dinner and presentation of the tourist program.


Day 2:   Breakfast. A sightseeing excursion of Chisinau City with the visiting the National Historical Museum and A.S.Pushkin’s House-museum (entrance tickets are paid independently). After departure in Tipovo village,its nearby 100 km to the north from the Chisinau City. On the Dnestr shore there is a rocky orthodox monastery,the biggest not only in Moldova but also in this part of Europe. The monastic community of this monastery was formed the time earlier than foundation of Moldavian feudal State. Its considered , that the some of cells have been hollowed in abrupt rocky shore of Dnestr River in X-XIII centuries. Since 1776 year begins the period of blossing when the monastery extends. The rocky church has been divided into the greater premises separated from each other by massive columns.Stop  for  Lunch (  Doi Haiduci restaurant)

In the soviet period monastery was closed for visiting. Only in 1974 year the ruins of the Tipovo rocky cloister have been taken under protection of the state and since 1994 the church divine services were renewed. Its considered that moldavian gerent Stefan the Great got married with Maria Vojkitsey here. Exists one more legend about last days of mythological poet Orfei passed in these place.

We offer to our tourists to visit also the impressing gorge of landscape reserve Tipova. On the rough coast during antiquity there was an earthern fortress of “geto-daks”. Its towers remained staying and till present days.Besides we can offer the rest in the most picturesque place in Moldova –on the coast of the river Dnestr. Along the line this is the opportunity to get acquainted with surrounding nature. 

The next point is village Saharna, the nearest settlement to Tipova. Saharna is to be considered the most popular and beloved pilgrim centers of Moldova and even Europe. Here are stored unique in Moldova relics Over Martyr Makariy, and on one of rocks- a trace left,according to the legend, Divine Mother. Once upon the time the monks have found out in a stone a trace from the leg, a sign which the have apprehended as a divine message of proof of “Divine cleanliness” this place. Late the new wooden church was closer to gorge founded and the monastery “The Sacred Trinity” (1777 year). This is richly decorated with wall frescas in folkloric style wood church. The monastery is opened for visitors daily.


Here is an important archeological storage with the rests of an epoch of the Iron Age (X-VIII B.C) and “geto-daks” fortress on the high cape, the best way kept in Moldova. Two rivers: Saharna and Stohnaia form a canyon of 160-175 m by depth with falls and lakes. Saharna has 22 falls, the biggest from them has height 4.5 m. the river forms precipice depth of ten meters , named by “the Hole of the Gypsy.”

After visiting and survey of the Grimidon Cliff place our tourists can admire the real historical and natural heritage of moldavian people by yourself. Coming back to the hotel to Chishinau.Dinner “Salcuta” restaurant Moldavian style.



Day 3: Breakfast at the hotel. Winery  Cheateau Vartely.

The tourists walk in the morning in the fields and gather grapes (during the grape gathering there will be a professional photographer who will shoot and will make photo of the process, each of the tourists will receive one movie with him / her before departure).


Noon;  a) tourists are back to the winery where they dine in a traditional style then during the meal they will be accompanied by a chorus of women who will sing songs in national style and will be dressed in national clothes or

b) we will organize for the tourists a picnic right on the live fields then will go to a peasant household where they will participate in preparing dinner in traditional style (Moldavian pies and cabbage rolls) then all they have dinner serving a glass of wine as is used in Moldovans after collecting grapes.


Day 4: The next day takes place the preparation of wine from the grapes collected by the tourists. They will prepare the wine  in a manual manner  as it is prepared in the peasant households,  each tourist  can push the winepress  (device for making wine) to make wine from the grapes, the prepared wine is poured into barrels  and is kept up to maturity . The tourists can come back in a year to taste it because the wine belongs to them!  Another option is that the bottled wine can be distributed (sent) to Japan after maturing.

a) Meanwhile it is prepared a bottle of wine, which is already good for consumption with the photo of the tourist (picture on the field), and the bottle of wine will be hand over up to departure to every tourist in his hands.

Day 5:  Breakfast at the hotel. Check out.

Tour cost

Sightseeng of Chisinau City 50 30 25
Restaurants: Dinner lunch


La Mama Acasa

La Taifas


30 30 30
Saharna & Tipovo excursion 125 105 95
Winery  Cheateau Vartely


280 280 240


City Category Name
Chisinau Отели 3* BellaDona3*, Stella de Lux3*
Отели 4* Mesogios Hotel 4*,Codru4*, Jazz Hotel4* , Vispas4*, Dacia Hotel, Arus Hotel,  Europa Hotel
Отели 5* SAVOY5*, Nobil5*,


The price don’t include hotel accommodation, and are negotiable for the group more than 35 pax. The program can be changed upon request from individuals

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