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Cinderella Cave

Unsolved mystery

The famous karst gypsum cave “Cinderella” is not just the biggest in Moldova, but also one of Europe’s largest stalagmites and stalactites, and attract here cave explorers from different countries to explore the unexplored 60% of this cave!

Sholdaneshti bunker

Salvation from the nuclear apocalypse

13-storey underground bunker from Soviet times, which is located in a forest near village Olishcani. Sholdaneshti bunker is one of the largest in the former Soviet Union, there was a reserve command post of the General Staff of the armed forces of the Warsaw Pact. In case of a nuclear attack, this checkpoint should provide up to 24 hours of complete isolation.


Mountain village in Moldova

The village is located on the high Naslavcea picturesque hills, and gives the impression of the mountain village. Naslavcea stretches on the right bank of the Dniester River and stretches for deep valley floor more than 7 km.

Naslavcea can be named, indeed, the Moldovan Carpați!

The village is located on the high Naslavcea picturesque hills, and gives the impression of the mountain village. Naslavcea stretches on the right bank of the Dniester River and stretches for deep valley floor more than 7 km.

Naslavcea can be named, indeed, the Moldovan Carpați! The village is located on some high and picturesque hills, which create the impression of a real village in the mountains. On the left margin of the beck Chisarău, a km from the embouchure, we can visit Karpov Iar, a monument from the Paleolithic period. Thanks to it, 60 species of ancient plants and over 10 thousands species of ancient fish were discovered. The most important place of interest in this village is the view to the marvelous landscapes. The church ”Assumption of the Virgin Mary” from the village is opened even today. It was built at the beginning of the XXth century and can be visited now as well. Two kilometers from the church there are the Nagoreni caves, which were used as a shelter in the Middle Ages by the locals to hide from the Hun invasions. The lovers of old architectural monuments will be interested to see the famous monastery of Leadovo made in rock, which is on the other margin of Dniester.

To see: Karpov Iar, the church ”Assumption of Virgin Mary and the Nagoreni caves.

Twin villages: Vadul Rascov and Rascov

Discover the enigmatic beauty of the 2 villages hidden in a picturesque valley, between the rocky banks of the Dniester River. The stone fences, the streets paved with cobblestone and the imposing gates, remind you that during the Medieval Age these villages were a component part of the trading route connecting the Western Europe and Orient.

What to see? Vadul Rascov’s main attraction is the antique Jewish cemetery, considered one of the biggest and oldest in Europe. If you take a boat across the river, you will find yourself in not a less charming Rascov village, with 3 sacred places of different confessions: a Synagogue, a Catholic church and an Orthodox church.

 Goian – the village on the peninsula.

According to the archives, Goian was mentioned for the first time in the XVIII century. People who used to live here had a pretty humble existence and this fact is somehow associated with the village’s name, which in Romanian means ”nakedness”. But if we judge this place by its impressive nature and amazing view, then we could state that Goian is the richest village in Moldova!

It is situated in the lower course of the Iagorlâc River, partially flooded due to the Dubăsari hydropower plant construction. Following the floods in these surroundings the picturesque Goian bay was formed. The village has fresh air and offers the visitors a unique view. The fact that Goian is located in the heart of the Iagorlâc natural reserve, the only reserve in Transnistria, is a great reason to visit it.

For those, who prefer to relax or meditate, the Goian Village is the perfect place to spend the rime quietly. Moreover, you can easily rent a boat and go fishing. In some places, the water deepness exceeds 70 meters.

What to do? Visit the Goian village for a weekend in order to swim, fish, navigate, do some canoeing and walk by foot.

Stroentsi – the visit card of Rybnitsa region

Stroentsi is a small village, located in an extremely beautiful place. Getting down on the twisting roads of the village, one understands that he is awaiting of something exceptional and hidden. Everything around says that you are in a mysterious, important fairy place.

The first documented attestation of the village was in 1702, although there are proves of human settlements in the region at the beginning of the first millennium! It is important to emphasize that the true name of the village is „Stroeshti”, which comes from the Moldovan „Să trăiești”, that actually means „We wish you a long life”.

The Stroentsi village is rich of beautiful sights. One of them is the water mill, thanks to which you can see how the processing of grains took place 150 years ago. You can visit, as well, a monument of the XIXth century architecture – the Wind Tower, that majestically exalts on the whole village. Actually, this village will be on everybody’s taste – in Stroentsi, yearly competitions take place among climbers and cyclists.

How to plan your trip? Visit the Wind Tower, go to the “Old Mill” cafe, come by the Cathedral of Saint Michael the Archangel, cycle around the village and climb its rocks.

Molovata – the most beautiful place on Dniester River

Moldova can be proud of a large water bodies, among which the rivers are the cleanest and the clearest. This week we present the largest portion of the Dniester River, whose width exceeds 2.2 km. Here, on both banks of the river are situated the Molovata and Moldova Veche villages. Both villages, unfortunately, remain unexplored by the townspeople, because people choose to recreate in familiar places like Vadul lui Voda and Orheiul Vechi.

However, both Moldova and Molovata Veche are locations with beautiful scenery and hospitable people. Once you arrive there, you will be instantly conquered by the peaceful atmosphere of the surroundings. This piece of land deserves to be discovered!

What to do?To relax for a weekend, away from the city stress, by spending several hours near the Dniester River – fishing, sailing on boat or biking along the bank.

Exotic beaches in Hlinaia village.

If Moldova was the filming spot for the “Bounty” commercial, the best location would certainly be Hlinaia village. Due to the separation of Turunciuc affluent of the Dniester River, more than 17 sandy beaches were formed, ranging from tiny ones, 15-20 meters long, to huge ones with over 100 meters in length. The forest along the river banks is so dense and its paths so unexplored, that it creates the impression of an impenetrable jungle. Dniester River is considered one of the most meandering rivers in Europe and its highest sinuosity can be observed in the Hlinaia village. So if you love kayaking or rafting – that’s the right place for you.

The region is very popular with foreign tourists. Practically every second house has hosted visitors from the northern regions of Russia, the Baltic countries or Belarus. Also, Hlinaia is the second-best place in Moldova for fishing: the amount of fish in the river is huge and there are so many crayfishes, that in some areas you can catch up to several buckets per day with your bare hands.

What to do? Bike rides through the Dniester jungle and along the river, with a completely unpredictable course, Sun Bathing on one of the beautiful sandy beaches, Fishing large quantities of local fish and crayfish.


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