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Invitation letter in RM

Visa invitation letters liberation regulations in Moldova

The function of invitation letters liberation is exercised by the Migration and Asylum Office of Moldova which receives, examines the legal or natural persons’ applications for invitation letters and has the legal status to issue them. The invitations’ liberation is coordinated with the specialized governmental bodies which approve or disapprove the submitted applications.

The procedure of issuing invitation letters has the following steps:

  • The natural or the legal person, requesting the invitation, presents the application (unique model) approved according to the Invitation Letters Regulations for foreign and stateless citizens. completed in three copies at the computer.
  • The applicant has to submit to the Department of Invitation Letters and Visas of the Migration and Asylum Office the application with the attached passport’s copy of the invited foreign citizen. The other compulsory documents are: Copy of the ID card of the person who invites, State Register Extract of the organization issued by the State Registration’s Chamber.
  •  In case of applications on behalf of the legal person by its legal representative, this person presents the authorization.
  •  Cases of urgent requests are also examined and theapplicant submits a special acceleration application.
  • The decision to issue or to refuse the liberation of the invitation letter is taken after the documents have been examined. The invitation shall be perfected on the blank model that has been agreed with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,shall be signed by the responsible persons of the Migration and Asylum Office, and shall be certified by the seal of the Office for Migration and Asylum with the State Emblem of the Republic of Moldova.
  •  The invitation letter, a strict accounting document, is sent to the applicant or to his legal representative only after a signature is put on the back of the original application form.
  •  The invitation issued to foreign citizens and stateless persons confirms their right to apply to the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Republic of Moldova and to the Consular Offices of the neighboring states and to obtain entry-exit visas to / from the Republic of Moldova.
  •  The invitation letter has to be presented in original to the pack of documents submitted to the Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Republic of Moldova in order to obtain a visa.


Examination terms:

The normal terms of applications examination for legal and natural persons is up to 30 days.

On request the applications for legal as well as for natural persons can be issued within  3 or 7 business days.

Group applications (min 6 people), from commercial agents who hold licenses in tourism activities, are examined exclusively within 10 days.

Services costs:

The costs for the invitation letters issuing services are including in the tour program.

The price includes the state fare for concluding the invitation letter, the services for submitting the documents ( including a tourist program for all the period of stay and the confirmation of hotel accommodation), at the Migration and Asylum Office in Moldova.

The original of the invitation letters is sent to the legal or natural persons by courier.

The courier services expenses are covered by the legal or natural person, the cost depends on the state where the invitation is to be sent.



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