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All inclusive Moldova Wine Tour 5 days

All-inclusive Moldova Wine Tour 5 days

Wine Road Tour 5 days tour

On a 5-day all-inclusive Moldova wine tour in Moldova, your guide brings you to the most beautiful Moldova wine country: Cricova, Milesti Mici, Chateau Purcari Winery, Branesti cellar stone, Discover vineyards, wineries, and cultural heritage, while tasting wine and gourmet food.

Wine Road Tour

Discover the origins of Moldova within the tour that guarantees an authentic experience in wine-making traditions in Moldova.

THE Route OF WINE OF Moldova is an all-inclusive 5-day wine tour, which spotlights the quality and diversity of Moldova wines and vineyards. On a journey over Moldova country roads, this tour starts in Chisinau and crosses five oenological regions: Old Orhei, Branesti, Causeni, Milesti Mici village, Cricova village

This program includes visits to the most popular Wineries in the country – like underground wine cellars Cricova, Milestii Mici

The winery, registered in Guinness Book, Purcari Winery, which wines were delivered to the Queen’s court.



Day 1. Chisinau

Meeting at the airport. Transferring from airport to hotel. Excursion + guide – the panoramic tour of Chisinau. Returning to hotel.

  • On your arrival in Chisinau, you will reach the capital of Moldova, Chisinau city where you will be welcomed in the hotel by the owners.
  • Dinner in a restaurant near your accommodation (optional)
  • Overnight stay in a 3 or 4 -star hotel.

Day 2. Capriana Monastery – Milestii Mici cellars

Excursion+guide at the Capriana Monastery. Excursion to the largest wine “city” Milestii Mici + wine tasting + national food in the underground gallery.

  • Breakfast
  • The visit continues to Capriana Monastery
  • After visiting the vineyard and the wine storehouse, you will discover the secrets of Milesti Mci winemaking
  •   You start your stay with a tour of the wine-estate and wine-tasting.
  • Before leaving, take the time to enjoy a walk towards all territory of the winery
  • Overnight stay in a 3 or 4 -star hotel.


Day 3.Discover Causeni Church – Chateau Purcari Winery

Visiting the Purcari Winery – a french-style castle. On our way to Purcari, we will visit the church in the Causeni village built-in 1763 (with unordinary frescoes).

Discover the harvesting of wine grape ( when  are the seasons)

  • At your arrival in Alsace, you have Rendez-Vous with one of our winemaker partners to discover grape picking. He will share his passion and wines with you during the morning. The morning workshop is followed by a “winemaker lunch” and a wine tasting.
  • The wine region and its heritage

Excursion+tasting+lunch with selected wines. Possibility to buy premium wines.

Returning to the hotel in Chisinau.

  • Overnight stay in a 3 or 4 -star hotel.


Day 4. Orhei Vechi –Branesti cellar stone

The wine region and its heritage, Old Orhei Complex

  • Breakfast at your hotel.
  • In the morning you go to Old Orhey Monasteries Complex for a tour You will learn about the culture and the history.
  • Walking near the river Raut, an unusual and eco-friendly way to see the whole village.
  • Your stay ends discovering Branesti wine cellar.  

The remnants of the first human settlements, which are some hundreds of thousands of years old, were found in the stone caverns from here. The originality of Orheiul Vechi is due to the defile of the Raut river, dug under the form of a canyon in the limestone layers of the former Sarmatia sea, about 14 million years ago.

  • Overnight stay in a 3 or 4 -star hotel.


Day 5. Chisinau

Free day (shopping, souvenirs). Transfer from the hotel to the airport.


Add some activities to your stay in Moldova  (enter the option you want on the booking form):

Dinner near your accommodation

Gastronomic dinner the local traditional Restaurants.

Accommodation: Hotel  5 * nights

  • Touristic packages include a guided winery tour, a tasting of 3 or 5 types of wine in all wineries. Snack: traditional Moldovan pie 
    1-3 persons 4-7 persons 8-18 persons 19-40 persons
    From  820 euro/per from €620/pers. from €520/pers. from €420/pers.

    Included in the price:

    • Transport throughout the route
    • degustation of 3 or 5 wines in every winery
    • Welcome lunch*2 traditional
    • English speaking guide
    • Excursions according to the program
    • Guide service
    • Entrance tickets according to the program
    • accommodation in a 4-star hotel. with 4 BB included.
    • airport pick up round trip.

Head office: Moldova r of, Chisinau city, Armeneasca street. 19

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