Natural Reserves

Natural Reserves.

Although the Republic of Moldova has a small territory,it has been blessed with various unique landscapes,natural monuments of international value,and places filled with the charm of nature.

“Padurea Domneasca” Natural Reserve.

“Padurea Domneasca” (Royal Forest) Reserve was created in 1993 and covers an area of about 6,032 ha. Geographically it is located 185 km far from Chisinau city,in the Prut River bottomland,on the territory of the forest farms of Glodeni and Falesti districts,within Cobani,Balatina,Bisericani,Cuhnesti,Moara Domneasca,Chetris,Calinesti,Drujeni and Pruteni localities. It is unique by its biodiversity,including one of the oldest forests in the Prut River bottomland and one of  the oldest bottomland  forests in Europe. The flora of the reserve is rich and diverse.Over 700 species of local flora out of the 1,300 registered in the country can be found here.The bisons represent the pride of the reserve.

“Codrii” Natural Reserve.

“Codrii” Reserve was created on 27 September 1971 in the central area of the Republic of Moldova based on the forest range Lozova,Straseni district,about 45 km far from Chisinau city,with the purpose of preserving the most representative sectors of forests typical of the Central Plateau of the country. The total area of the reserve is 17,476 ha. The flora is represented by 1,000 species of plants,and the fauna comprises about 52 species of mammals,151 species of birds,8 species of reptilians,10 species of amphibians and over 8,000 species of insects.

“Prutul de Jos” Natural Reserve.

“Prutul de Jos” Reserve wa created on 23 April 1991 and it is located in the southwestern part of the Republic of Moldova along the lower course of the Prut River,the last great tributary of the Danube River at the border between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The total area of the reserve is 1,691 ha. The reserve situated about 200km far from Chisinau between the villages Valeni and Slobozia Mare,in Cahul district.The main geographical component of the reserve  is the Beleu lake that has an area of 628 ha.

It was discovered that Prut bottomland represents an important migration route,and the water basins with rush-beds,willow forests,etc. represent an appropriate place for having a rest,feeding and nestling for many species of birds.For a period of some years 189 species of birds,34 species of mammals,7 species of reptilians,11 species of fish were registered in the reserve.

“Plaiul Fagului” Natural Reserve.

One of the state reserves where the natural ecosystems with a less human influence were preserved is “Plaiul Fagului” Reserve. The reserve was created on 12 March 1992 based on the Republic of Moldova.75 km far from Chisinau city,and covers an area of 5,642 ha,including 5,375 ha with forests. The fauna is represented by 211 species. Nowadays,on the territory of the reserve there are very often found the red deer,that was acclimatized in the ′60s of the 20th century and the deer reacclimatized in the ′80s.

“Iagorlic” Natural Reserve.

“Iagorlic” Reserve was founded on 15 February is located on the left bank of the Dniester River,at the entry of Iagorlic River,near Goieni bight. The territory of the reserve covers an area of 836 ha of dry land and 270 ha of water.

The flora is represented by 719 species of plants found in the reserve,of which 50 species are rare. The fauna of the reserve is composed by 167 species of birds,of which 15 species are included in the Red Book of the Republic of Moldova,29 species of mammals and 23 species of fish.

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