Dental tourism in the Republic of Moldova

Dental tourism in the Republic of Moldova

Dental tourism (also called dental vacations or dental holidays in Europe), a branch of the larger area known as medical tourism – has grown over the last few years in the Republic of Moldova. Within this care area, the patient can benefit from dental treatment under more advantageous conditions than those proposed by the city or the country where he lives. Tourists opt for dental tourism for a money-saving, long-awaited journey and for the benefit of dental services of high quality.


The advantages of the holiday in the Republic of Moldova, combined with dental tourism

Dental tourism is very advantageous, not only financially. In fact, there are several benefits that you should know before going to a local clinic. In addition to material benefits, patients receive quality medical services, moral satisfaction, and broader horizons. Psychologists claim that dental tourism reduces the fear of dentists and dental procedures.

Here is a short list of the positive aspects of dental tourism:

  • a wide range of dental services and amenities;
  • you can order the dental tour that suits you;
  • the possibility to accurately plan a trip and choose what you are interested in;
  • free consultations;
  • assistance in preparing documents for entry and exit from the country;
  • airport meetings and subsequent attendance;
  • no waiting period is needed;
  • high-quality services
  • considerable savings, up to 60%;
  • individual approach;

Why should you come to Chisinau for dental tourism?

The dental clinic has all the medical facilities, is equipped with modern equipment and high-qualified specialists, and the price for dental treatment is several times smaller than in Europe or the US, even if the cost of travel and accommodation is included in the budget. This difference is due to the economic gap between the countries only and does not affect the outcome of the treatment.

Imperial Dent is oriented towards consulting foreign patients, with no linguistic barriers. If necessary, communication is done in English or with the help of a translator. Residents of former CIS countries can easily communicate in Russian.

In order to enter the territory of the Republic of Moldova, it is not necessary to issue a visa for the CIS, EU, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Turkey, Israel, and a number of other states (a list of 100 countries).

If desired, an individual program of tourism is selected for each patient. This allows both quality dental services and the opportunity to visit the attractions of the city – one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe.

How it works

1 Prepare for a dental tourism trip

Before going on a medical trip to receive dental care, you must consider all the details of your trip, your state of health and the medical care you wish to engage in. Statistics place the Republic of Moldova as the leading destination for dental tourism in Europe. Please always check with your doctors to make sure that your health conditions are suitable for traveling and to receive the treatments you have chosen to take.

2 First contact, preliminary offer for your treatment

To do so, first of all, you have to do a panoramic X-ray or 3D computer tomography and send it to us through our online contact form. You should include also your contacts, describe your problem and indicate your preferences regarding the treatment. Write an e-mail, Call us or write us on Viber.

3 Preparation of your personalized, comprehensive treatment plan and your first trip

Once you have decided to come to Moldova, we start to organize your whole trip, which usually takes place the following way:

  • You send us the dates you have chosen for your arrival
  • We reserve these dates at the clinic.
  • Knowing the exact dates of your arrival and departure, we confirm the appointment dates at the clinic
  • We reserve your accommodation in one of our partner hotels if they suit you
  • Our qualified personnel will pick you up at Chisinau airport to accompany you to your accommodation and then to the dental clinic
  • We provide you with support and assistance during your whole stay
  • We will make the safe transfer to the airport when you leave

4 Fulfillment of your dental care at affordable prices Chisinau, Republic of MoldovaOur dentists perform all dental care with superior quality according to the plan for your dental treatment.

You may need to come several times to complete the treatment plan, the organization of each of your trips to Chisinau will take place similarly as described above.

5 Last stay, your return home, and follow-up of your dental treatments

After the last stay, we will give you advice on how to maintain your dental state and explain the steps you can take to maintain your oral hygiene. We present you with the certificate of guarantee. Together we establish the monitoring plan. If you have had dental implants inserted, we will issue you a dental implant passport containing all the information about your implants.


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