This tour includes visiting Cricova cellars and Old Orhei region.

Old Orhei is situated on the Raut River and represents the historical-monastic conservation complex. Here you can see the remains of Geto-Dacian fortress, a functioning cave monastery, museum, ruins of the old Turkish bath, 19th century church; you will appreciable historical monuments with unique, unrepeatable landscape formed by the Raut River, rocks, narrow paths and caves.
Cricova is a real underground wine city with streets, warehouses, tasting rooms. The total length of passages is 120 km. The constant annual temperature is 12ºC and the average humidity is 97–98 %. These conditions are perfect for keeping about 30 mln liters of high quality wine. Cricova cellars employ the strict classic French technology of sparkling-wine production.
Included: Licensed guide and transport services, entrance tickets to museum in Old Orhei. The excursion to Old Orhei region and through the underground streets of the wine city Cricova, the section of quality wines and classic sparkling wines, The National Collection and the wine tasting complex. The tasting of four wines: The tasting of Four wines: white, red, rosse and sparkling wine. Snack: nuts, crackers, water (1 hour 30 min.).
Duration: 6-6, 5 hours
The route: Chisinau – Old Orhei – Cricova – Chisinau.
Round-trip distance: 150 km
Open: Monday-Friday: 9.00 – 15.00
On holidays and weekends, the price is 10 euro / person higher.