You are currently viewing The most attractive and amazing parks of the Chisinau city.

The most attractive and amazing parks of the Chisinau city.

The most attractive and amazing parks of the Chisinau city.

  • “Arboretum Park”(“Dendrarium”)

The Arboretum park from Chisinau is of a splendid natural beauty. This is the place where the locals prefer to rest or have long walks. Once you enter the park, you will be impressed by the feeling of infinity, as you will have a large area in front of your eyes. This place is always quiet and makes you simply forget that you are in the city center.

  • “Valea Morilor”

The culture and rest park “Valea Morilor” from Chisinau municipality received the status of monument of landscape architecture.

All the historical, cultural, esthetic and entertaining components of the Park “Valea Morilor” are keeping under protection and reestablish. Also, this object will be included in the fund of the natural areas protected by the state.

The culture and rest park “Valea Morilor” was founded in 1951, having initially a surface of 113.9 hectares. In 2003, four hectares from this area were declared as exclusive property of the state and transmitted to the Administration of the Free Enterprise Zone “Expo-Business-Chisinau “.

  • “Botanical Garden of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova”

The best local place where you can get a rest while admiring the beauty of the nature is considered to be the Botanical Garden of Chisinau. Being located in the city, this park is very convenient for the long walks on its paths and alleys. This picturesque place has a pleasant arrangement and a variety of plant species. The blooming magnolia and Japanese cherry trees are the most admired by the visitors.

  • “Nativity Cathedral Park”

Ştefan cel Mare Central Park (Romanian: Grădina Publică „Ştefan cel Mare” / Parcul „Ştefan cel Mare”) is the main park in Central Chişinău, Moldova. Formerly known as Pushkin Park, it is the oldest park in Moldova and spans about 7 hectares (17 acres). It has gained the nickname “The Park of the Lovers” in Chişinău due to its popularity as a meeting spot for couples. The park contains 50 species of trees, some of which are quite old, the mulberries and acacias being between 130 and 180 years. Source : Wikipedia

The centre is adorned with the Nativity Cathedral, the main church for the city. To the Southwest is the Triumph arch constructed in 1841 which is the center piece of The Great National Assembly Square. Across Stefan cel Mare Boulevard is the Government House. The city’s biggest flower market is on the north side of the park along Banulescu Bodoni street. At the intersection of Stefan cel Mare and Banulescu Bodoni is a statue of Stefan cel Mare.

  • “Rose Valley”

Rose Valley Chişinău (Romanian: Valea Trandafirilor) is an urban park including the remains of an ancient Slavonic sanctuary. In the 1950s, rose plantations were planted in the Rose Valley.

At the end of the 1960s, the park saw some improvement. New lanes were laid, concrete dams were built, and lakes were cleared of silt.

Now the central section of the park is decorated with several lakes covering nine hectares. About 50 varieties of trees and bushes grow there. There is a stage with a capacity of 1000 spectators, a small amusement park with a Ferris wheel, and the restaurants Doina, Cetatea Veche (“The Old Fortress”), and Curtea Vînătorească (“The Hunters’ Court”). The remains of several stone idols were preserved and restored in the 1970s in the form of decorative statues. Source : Wikipedia

  • ” Afghan War Memorial To Sons of Motherland – Eternal Memory “

Memorial complex is dedicated to the memory of soldiers who died in the Afghan war.

The complex contains a sculpture of the Grieving Mother towering at the entrance to the square and white pylons which are “heading to heaven”. At the level of five meters from the ground they are framed by a thorny wreath of bronze. In the center – a granite bowl in the form of a black tulip, where you can lay flowers and put candles. Granite slabs with the names of fallen soldiers are set around the monument. A cross is erected at the top of the composition. The height of the monument is 15 meters. A cascade of fountains stretches around the memorial.

The memorial complex was founded by order of the President of the Republic of Moldova, Mr. V. N. Voronin, at the expense of the Government of the Republic of Moldova, the Chisinau City Hall, veteran organizations and private companies. Opened on May 20, 2007.

The authors are architect Vasily Eremchuk and sculptor Boris Dubrovin. The general contractor is Viscont-Grup SRL.

Memorial Park is located in the sector Riscani mun. Chisinau at the intersection of Moscow Avenue and Miron Kostin Street.

In 1979, the Soviet Union agreed to provide military assistance to the Government of Afghanistan in the fight against the Mujahideen’s opposition forces. On December 25, 1979, columns of the 40th Army of the Turkestan Military District of the USSR crossed the Soviet-Afghan border along the Amu-Darya River. The Soviet Army has been involved in the Afghan conflict for 10 years. More than three hundred natives of Moldova have not returned from Afghanistan.


  • “UTM ( Technical University of Moldova) park” (“Dendrology Park Museum of Technology”)

Dendrological park –outdoors museum of technique, UTM.

University campus rascani, studentilor str.

Museum exhibits, inventions in the sciences and spacious rest areas. All these interesting things and others can be found in the Technical University of Moldova park.

This is a real architectural jewel, and those who are care about it,are hoping that soon it became a tourist attraction.

The idea of ​​turning the green area around the Technical University into a park arose a decade ago and belongs to the former rector, academician Ion Bostan.

A museum of technology, an astronomical observer, a planetarium, and three wind systems providing nighttime lighting are on the territory of the square.

Visitors can also admire some sculptures, which symbolize the spiral of human development. The last innovation is the metal statuettes arranged around the artesian fountain. These are the 12 zodiac signs.

“They are going to be animated,and will move from the water jet, there will be some devices that practically exist in these sculptures but they are not operated.” Certainly,there is no such thing in the Republic of Moldova, “said the head Department of Industrial and Product Design, UTM, Valeriu Podborschi.

All the projects in the park were made out of donations and the financial support of the graduates of the Technical University. The institution’s administration announces new modernization works in the park.

The park is visited daily by dozens of people. In recent years, young couples come here for wedding photo sessions. Visitors are delighted and say that the area beautifies the city.

The Technical University Park has an area of ​​nearly two hectares.


  • “Memorial complex Eternity “

Eternity Memorial Complex is a memorial located in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. It is dedicated to soviet soldiers who died in the battles against the German-Romanian troops of the Second World War.

In Soviet times the complex was known as the Victory Memorial.The monument was made in the honor of the Soviet soldiers who died in the Great Patriotic War.The monument was restored on August 24, 2006, marking the 62nd anniversary of the Liberation of Moldova.The central part of the memorial is a pyramid of five 25-meter tall stone rifles arranged in the shape of a pyramid.. A 5-pointed star with an eternal flame in the center of the monument. The monument is guarded by an honor guard from the Moldovan Army that changes guard hourly.Wreath-laying ceremonies are regularly held at the center of the memorial on national holidays.

In northwest part of the memorial complex are six engravings with composition sculptures and 155 marble plates with the names of the fallen soldiers. Memorial territory is paved with white stone. On special occasions it is guarded by an honor guard from the Moldovan Army.


  • “Memorial complex of Shipka”

“Shipka” is the oldest memorial complex in Chisinau, named in honor of the Bulgarian city. Here,on the former Riding field, in 1876-1877 was trained Bulgarian militia.In commemoration of the victories of Sheinovo, under the Stara Za-Gora and on Shipka, a chapel was erected on the site of the parade of troops. Nowadays,there is open the Museum of Bulgarian Militiamen.

Earlier, where had been the cinema “Shipka” (nowadays, the “House of Prayer” located on that place), you can find an obelisk towering at the Dimo street,on which is inscribed:”Dedicated to the Bulgarian militias troops,formed in Chisinau in 1876-1877 and had been fighting valiantly with the Russian army for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Turkish yoke.”

  • “The Riscani Park” 

The park that earlier named in honor of Boris Glavan (nowadays is calling the “Ryshkan’ park”) was established in 1970 based on natural large forest. Initially it really was a forest park. The base of the forest park was the beam which extended from the northeast to the South-East. All left-hand slope of the valley was far higher and more abrupt than right.The Park “Ryshkan’ ” divides Ryshkanovka and Chekana. In the upper part of the park (sector Chekana) dominated by deciduous trees, in the lower (sector Ryshkanovka coniferous (mostly pines). By the beginning of 1980-ies in the Park of  “Ryshkan’ ” was built the amusement Park, which included a miniature Ferris wheel, several rides, children’s swing. Later, towards the end of 1980-ies, in the town of attractions had appeared children’s railway (with the figures in the form of a reindeer with a sledge). The Park was equipped also with Playground and sports fields. There are a car rental for children,water rides. Any time You can find a lot of people walking through it and taking a rest in this beautiful park.

  • “The Riscani-Old Post park”(“Park Riscani-Posta Veche”)

  • “Serghei Lazo park”

The memory of S.G. Lazo is immortalized in the form of monuments, in fiction and films.

The monument, installed in Chisinau, is cast from bronze and stands on a pedestal of granite. Its height is 7.5 meters. Sculptors E. Zibrov, B. Dubrovin, B. Dyuzhev and architect – E. Kutyrev worked on the sculptural building. Besides the monument of Serghei Lazo is situated a small park with a lot of the benches,flower beds. The Park was equipped also with Playground and sport field. About a few months ago there was arranged the open-air cinema with absolutely free entrance for everybody. It is a good place for spending time with family and friends.

  • “At the Spring”(“La Izvor”)

The former name is “The Park of nation`s friendship”.A park founded in 1972 on Kalia Yeshilor street and is considered one of the youngest in Chisinau. The park area is about 150 ha. The lakes in the park are formed by a cascade of ponds connected by channels.In general, it had been decided to create a place where every sculpture, building and square meter would speak generally about the friendship of the peoples of the 15 republics of the USSR. In our opinion, it turned out to be just a beautiful park, which, to be sure, has lost some of its elements to our time.

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