You are currently viewing Top 3 The oldest Catholic Churches in Moldova

Top 3 The oldest Catholic Churches in Moldova

Top 3 The oldest Catholic Churches in Moldova



Location: Chisinau

The spiritual center of the Roman Catholic diocese of Chisinau is the Cathedral of Divine Providence. Here is the chair of the Bishop, and the chapel, which is adjacent to the Cathedral, houses the icon of the Holy virgin Mary – patroness of the diocese.In the early nineteenth century there was built a chapel. Later, due to the fact that the number of believers increased, it was decided to build a Church. The design of the Church was designed in St. Petersburg. Its development was attended by architect and sculptor Joseph I. Charlemagne. The temple project approved 18 July 1838. The architecture of the Cathedral was implemented in the spirit of late classicism, influenced by the architecture of the Italian Renaissance.September 30, 1964, the Church was given to school № 56 and was transformed into a ballroom. Later in the Church building housed a recording Studio and a warehouse film Studio “Moldova-film”. And in 1988 began the conversion of the Church under the poetic theatre.Only in 1989, after numerous appeals to the Central authorities of the Soviet Union, the Red Cross and the UN, the Church building was returned to the parish and to the believers, the act of transfer was signed on 26 July 1989



Location: Orhei

Is the Church in Orhei, on the street Vasile Mahu. The construction of the Church began in 1904 and finished in 1915. The Church was built at the expense of Cesarini Dobrovolskaya, who owned the estate in the village Braviceni.
In Soviet times, the Roman Catholic Church in Orhei was partially destroyed. The Church was converted into a sports hall, and then in a normal warehouse. Thanks to the efforts of priest Claus Kniffka, in 2005, the Church was returned to the small Catholic community of Orhei. In 2008, after reconstruction, the Church was re-opened.



Location: the village of Rashkov

In the village of Rashkov, you can visit the old Catholic Church of Moldavia, built in 1786. The Church is an example of architecture of the Polish Catholic churches of the XVIII century with Baroque elements. The two towers of the Church are decorated with pilasters of the ionic and Tuscan orders. In 1932 the Church was closed.
Temporarily re-the Church acted in 40 years, until 1948. The Church was used as a granary, then as a carpenter’s workshop. In 1990 the building was given to the Catholic community. And now here in service to the sounds of an electric organ are dozens of parishioners. The Church is located in the most visible place of the village.



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