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Types of visa

Types of visa

Visa can be issued for a single or for multiple entries.

Visa cannot be issued to a group of people.

The Diplomatic and Consular Missions of the Republic of Moldova abroad, according to the purposes of visa applicants, issue the following types of visa:

Visa of type “A” (airport transit visa) – allows the foreigner to pass through the international transit zone of an airport in Moldova, without entering on the state’s territory, during a stopover or a transfer between two sections of an international flight. The airport transit visa is obligatory for the citizens of the included states on the list of countries whose citizens need a visa of entry in the Republic of Moldova.

Visa of type “B” (the transit visa) – is issued to foreigner who will transit the territory of the Republic of Moldova in order to go to a third country, for the visa’s validity period of the purpose state and, according to case, for a period which will not exceed one year term, with the right to stay in the country no longer than 5 days for a transit. The transit visa can be issued with a single or multiple entries and exits.

Visa of type “C” (the short stay visa) – is issued for a fixed period, with one or more stays, whose duration does not exceed 90 days during 6 months from the date of the  first entry into the country. The short stay visa is issued for the following purposes:

  1. mission – to foreigners who work for government, public administration or international organizations, and those who, by reason of their stay in Moldova show interest for the  relations between the two states. This type of visa may be issued to family members who accompany them;
  2. tourism – to foreigners who travel to Moldova for tourism reasons;
  3. visit – to foreigners who intend to travel to Moldova to visit Moldovan citizens or foreign citizens who hold valid stay permits;
  4. Business – to foreigners who intend to travel to Moldova for economic or commercial purposes, for contracts or negotiations, to verify the use and the functioning of the acquired or sold properties in the commercial and industrial cooperation agreements, and to foreigners who are or will become partners or shareholders of a commercial company in Moldova;
  5. transport – to foreigners who will travel for short periods, with the purpose to perform professional activities related to merchandising or passenger transportation;
  6. sports activities – to foreigners who will come to Moldova for a limited duration  to participate in sports competitions;
  7. cultural, scientific, humanitarian, religious activities, short-term medical care and other activities that do not run counter to  the legislation of the Republic of Moldova – in terms of the justifying of their presence in Moldova.

Visa of type “D (the long-stay visa) -is issued for a period that do not exceed 12 months , for one or more stays whose duration  won’t exceed 90 days during  6 months from the date of the first entry into the country, that allows the foreigners to apply for issuing the stay permit. The long-stay visa is issued with a single or multiple entries and exits. The long-stay visa is issued for the following purposes: entrepreneurial activity, employment, studies, family reunification, humanitarian or religious activities, diplomatic and service activities, medical care.

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