You are currently viewing Butuceni village.Old Orhei.The true spirit of Moldova.

Butuceni village.Old Orhei.The true spirit of Moldova.

Butuceni village.Old Orhei. The true spirit of Moldova.

You might know Moldovan traditions, the Moldovan way of being, and local cuisine, and you might even feel on your skin how country life in Moldova is….all in a single weekend spent in Butuceni. And we think that all the feelings and emotions you’ve gathered there will make you come again for a country weekend at the country.

Butuceni is a village like many other villages in Moldova, which still breaths the smell of mowed grass, with sheep, cattle, or horses in valleys-but at the same time it is a neat and preserved village, a memorable place through unique landscapes created by nature for centuries,and in which people live their lives the way their grandparents did, leaving room for modernization,but preserving tradition. You may have visited Butuceni,heard reviews from friends or online,or this village has become a popularized and developed touristic destination, which hosts thousands of tourists every year,giving them extensive exploration opportunities and unique events. Here are some destinations and opportunities to visit Old Orhei and Butuceni village. Butuceni Village is situated in Orhei District,31 km away from Chisinau.

On the way to Butuceni, you can discover the beauty of Old Orhei by visiting tourist objects such as The Birth of Virgin Mar Church, The “Cave” cave and the Getic Fortress Butuceni, registered in the Register for State Protected Monuments – a complex of historical monuments on the river Raut. The place impresses through the steep relief of the rocks along with the plains. Millions of years ago, this was the territory of the Sarmatian Sea and the limestone hills form a less typical landscape for the surroundings. About 350 cave complexes are known around the area,100 of which have been dug by people to create monastic places,and 250 karst groves have been formed by natural processes. Therefore, the region is perfect for exploratory trips. Between these steep and shady banks, you can discover the village Butuceni,which can serve as a great rest stop,where you can find several pensions and hostels with high-quality service.

Eco Resort Butuceni.

Eco resort Butuceni is the place where you can stop for dinner or to stay overnight or even for several days. The guesthouse consists of peasant houses, preserving the way they had been built, houses with old shutters, mural paintings, inlaid wood doors, and low fences so that you can see your neighbors or give them a hand when needed.

In these houses, food is cooked on a wood-burning stove and people sleep on a “lejanca”(sunbed). The pies, the marmalade, the sarmale(stuffed cabbage), and the pickles are the specialty of the house, being served in a room decorated with Moldovan carpets, basil, and a real carpet weaving machine. Here you will taste fresh fruit and vegetables from the guesthouse gardens. The peasant farm with delight you, and you will be provided with a carriage for trips through the village…

On the narrow streets of Butuceni, you can see children running barefoot or peasants riding, and you can also stop at fountains with fresh and cool water. At the same time, modernism has slowly slipped in here, the pansion was given three stars, being connected who all utilities, and having even a Spa center and an inside pool.


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