to come in  MOLDOVA

1None of the European countries is able to fascinate you with its visible contrast between the achievements of the modern civilizations, as seen in the cities, and the everyday life of an ordinary peasant.
2Only in Moldova you can find the largest wineries in the world (more than 200 km of underground galleries), that have been recorded by the Guinness book for holding the biggest wine collection on the planet.
3Only in Moldova you can find such a large number of monasteries scattered amid the ancient woods and river banks (including the oldest rock monastery in Europe), and concentrated on such a small piece of land, that is sometimes called ‘The Bessarabian Wonderland’.
4Only in Moldova you can fi¬nd the unique natural formations called Toltry (some reef formations from the Samarian Sea dating back 10-20 million years B.C), that created through time, grots and caves of unbelievable forms, and formed landscape areas.
5Only in Moldova the local crafts are still kept as they were centuries ago, and at the same time they do not interfere with the modern production.
6Only in Moldova you can truly enjoy the benefits of the best diet in the world, as only here you will find the freshest ecological fruits and vegetables collected straight from trees and bushes.
7The Moldovans are very friendly hosts. You are more than welcome to the Casa Mare (the largest room in the house), where people celebrate all the important events and family events. While in other countries it is rude to eat too much when visiting, in Moldova it is considered rude if you eat too little!
8Join a wonderful holiday in Moldova – The National Wine Festival. During the first weekend of October you have the unique opportunity to take part in professional wine tastings, visits to the vineyards and special moments dedicated to the culture of wine, arts and gastronomy.
9In Moldova you can find a giant mix of cultures because the country has been taken over by several different dynasties in the past. It is split between Western and Eastern ideologies. This makes it really interesting to explore because you never know what you’re going to encounter.
10Only in Moldova you have a unique opportunity to travel in a time machine! Do you want to plunge into the times of the U.S.S.R.? Go to Transnistria and take an incredible back-in-time journey to the “frozen island of Soviet Times” – the buildings of the Soviets, the monument of Suvorov, Lenin, Gagarin. Transnistria seems to be behind the times…