This small landlocked European country is found between Romania to the west and the Ukraine to the east. Up until World War II, it was a part of Romania and if you visit both countries, you’ll see a lot of cultural similarities. Then it was part of the Soviet Union until 1991, so you’ll also see a number of similarities there. But Moldova has a lot to offer in its own right.  First, it’s remote and rarely visited – making it perfect for adventurers who want to blaze a trail. Second, it has a growing wine-tourism industry and those who know wines know that some of the best in Europe come from Moldova. You’ll find traditions are still alive and hospitality in the villages is genuine. Consider these top attractions while you’re planning your trip.

1. Chisinau


Source: flickr


This is modern and friendly place is Moldova’s biggest city and serves as its capital. Chisinau has loads of green space, parks, and historical buildings. It feels like a city with space.  There’s also no shortage of restaurants, art galleries, nightclubs, spas, and casinos!  You’ll want to visit Pushkin Park and the orange pyramid at the World War II memorial. You’ll find marvellous frescoes in the Nativity Cathedral, and if that’s not for you, check out the stalls of the local modern artists in the art market.

15 Best Places to Visit in Moldova:

The cross of Orheiul Vechi, Moldova
  • Chisinau, Moldova: flickr
  • The cross of Orheiul Vechi, Moldova: flickr
  • Cricova Winery, Moldova: flickr
  • Tipova Monastery: Shutterstock
  • Manastirea Curchi: manastireacurchi
  • Cave monastery at Saharna, Moldova: flickr
  • Transdniestr, Moldova: flickr
  • Bendery, Moldova: flickr
  • Gagauzia, Moldova: flickr
  • Fortress of Soroca – Moldova: flickr
  • Padurea Domneasca: flickr
  • Capriana Monastery – Moldova: flickr
  • Codru Monastery, Moldova: flickr
  • Kvint, Moldova: flickr
  • Taul Park and Pommer Mano