Pension “Casa Părintească” (Parents’ House)is located in the village of Palanca, Calarasi region and is a real museum of rural life. The owner, Mrs Tatiana Popa, has turned the family home into a museum of crafts. The museum displays artifacts of traditional peasant life, including old textiles, household items, tools, photographs and a jumble of fabrics, stitchery and weaving.



Visitors have the chance to learn about an unique technique of carpet weaving, called “covorul in bumbi”. A forgotten tradition, but revived by the Casa Parintească. These handicrafts have served as inspiration for renowned designers in Europe. A famous designer Isabell de Hillerin, being impressed by the beauty of the elements that create this work of art, decided to use it in the “haute couture”. Even the renowned French company Chanel arrived to the Casa Parintească in search of inspiration and originality. Some handicrafts are available for purchase. For large groups, depending on weather conditions can be arranged an ethno-folk program with traditional songs and dances.

Lunch is usually be served in the museum courtyard. The menu includes traditional meals paired with homemade wine. It’s also possible to taste bio herbal tea, the cherry compote and rose liqueur, both with outbreaking flavor.

Next to the museum is a splendid old wooden church – Holy Virgin Protection. The church was built of larch wood from Ukraine at the end of the eighteenth century.