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Asconi Winery Tour

ASCONI Winery 

Moldova has an unique interest for the production of different wines.

Start with a winery tour, 3 types of wine tasting & lunch.

In 2014 winery opens its doors to visitors.

The tourist complex presents two restaurant halls, a spacious terrace overlooking the courtyard of the winery. Here you can enjoy exclusive dishes of national cuisine, prepared in the oven according to original recipes. For excellence and outstanding performance, the Winery Asconi, receives in 2015 he the National Grand Prix of the wine industry.

Asconi Winery’s primary focus is the production and sale of wines tailored for each specific market that they operate in, emphasizing the best possible price to quality ratio. They have fully adapted to the requirements of the EU and all other regions and countries that they operate in.

History :

Asconi was founded in 1994. The winery has been built based on of modern winemaking techniques, while the company winemakers use the most advanced manufacturing facilities. Asconi today owns approximately 600 hectares of vineyards, located at a distance of 8-10 km from the winery. European varieties are grown, but special attention is given to local varieties such as Rara Neagra, Feteasca Regala, Saperavi (Georgia), etc. One of the features of the Asconi Winery is that they gather grapes mechanically at nighttime. Asconi wines are not sold in Moldova, they are exported to the EU countries, Chile, Brazil, Australia, the USA, Israel, Africa, etc. The only place where you can buy these wines is a shop at the winery.

Recently, we have also added more variety to our types of grapes which include Malbec, Saperavi, Muscat Rose, Glera and others. These grapes will be used to make wines in small batches or for big blends to add complexity.The harvest season usually starts in mid august with white grapes of Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and Muscat. Later on we move to Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. The grapes harvested in two ways: handpicking and machine harvesting. The handpicked grapes are used primarily for top tier dry wines.

In 2014, the winery opened its doors to visitors. The tourist complex offers two restaurant halls, a spacious terrace overlooking the inner courtyard of the winery. Here you can enjoy exclusive dishes of national cuisine, cooked in the oven according to original recipes. Tours are accompanied in person by one of the company winemakers or managers.

For success and outstanding results in the wine industry Asconi, has been awarded the National Grand Prix in 2015.

Asconi winery opens widely its doors to all tourist visits giving them a wonderful experience. You will have the possibility to admire the lands of grapes, the entire process of wine making, the taste of select wines as well as to have the traditional lunch with the meals from the national cuisine.


The Program: Monday to Sunday from 11.00 till 17.00

The tours are organized in Romanian, Russian and English languages.

Wine experience

* Guided tours, guided tastings, master-class on wine, parties, and special events.

* Tours available in Romanian, Russian, English.

The Packages:

Price: per person

  • Touristic packages include a guided winery tour, a tasting of 3 or 5 types of wine. Snack: traditional Moldovan pie 
    1-3 persons 4-7 persons 8-18 persons 19-40 persons
    From  120 euro/per from €80/pers. from €60/pers. from €39/pers.

    Included in the price:

    • Transport throughout the route
    • degustation of 3 or 5 wines
    • Welcome lunch
    • English speaking guide
    • Excursions according to the program
    • Guide service
    • Entrance tickets according to the program

Head office: Moldova r of, Chisinau city, Armeneasca street. 19

Tel.:Viber, Liner, Wha’up +37378085312, FAX: 37322213741e-mail:

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