You are currently viewing 3 Historical Places of Moldova, which is worth a visit for the weekend!!!

3 Historical Places of Moldova, which is worth a visit for the weekend!!!

Top 3 historical places to visit in Moldova at the weekend

1.Fastsky landscape reserve

Location: Edinet district

Locals and tourists call this reserve Moldovan Switzerland!

Top 5 Reasons To Visit:

1)The Uniqueness of the place
3)Feastthe gorge
5)The River,forest and animals

The uniqueness of this natural monument that is spread it among the famous pryprutska Tovtry, here along the steep banks of a small river Dragoste.
The territory of the reserve is 564 hectares, which is quite a bit. For example, such known reserves of Moldova as “forests” or “Beech land” exceed it 10-11 times. However, despite its small size, come have it all in one sitting is not easy due to its complex and varied relief.

Photos : Sergey Prisyazhnyuk


Location: between the villages Koban ‘ (Glodeni) and Pruteni (Falesti)

Photo: Maxim Chumash

The only place in Moldova where bisons and centuries-old oaks live, ancient caves and reefs, “The Kingdom of Birds” and relict lakes.

Top 5 Reasons To Visit:

1)Valley of the “Hundred hills”
2)Geological phenomenon Moldova – Ancient cave
3)Relict lake La Fontal
4)Oak forest Ţara Bîtlanilor
5)Reef Stânca Mare

The reserve was founded in 1993. Its total area is 6 ha. 032 Forest, whose length exceeds 40 km, located between the villages Koban ‘ (Glodeni) to the North and Pruteni (Falesti) in the South. It is the oldest array of forest land, and one of the oldest floodplain forest in Europe

Photos: Maxim Chumash


Location: Slobodzeya district

The main purpose of the trip to the village of ciobruci, Slobozia district to walk in the unique old Park of a name of D. K. Rodina, which appeared in the village in the 50-ies of XX century.

Top 5 Reasons To Visit:

1)The history of the Park
2)The Uniqueness of the Park
3) Rock, sculptures and grottoes
4)Self-portrait of the sculptor J. K. homeland on a rock on top of a hill in the middle of the Park
5)Fountains and ponds

The whole concept of a Park built on the complex symbolism of the unification of the basic elements of nature – water, earth (stone), light (fire), combined with an unquenchable spirit of art. Very important was water ponds and fountains, which reflected every rock and sculpture.
Unique is that all of grottoes and sculptures aren’t made of stone (it then just don’t have the money). All made, or rather, poured from concrete. Most of the boulders in the Park, too concrete, but a few, which the artist brought from Gaynskogo career, intrigued by their unusual shape.





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