Excursions, Wines and selected dishes for our dear guests

Thorough are the attempts to understand the infinite and symbolic world of wine. And as there are no similar kinds of grapes, there are no two identical wines. “Cabernet”, “Cahor”, “Muscat”, “Aligote” – in each of them there’s the soul of creator, his energy and inspiration, but, at the same time, these wines are understood as a part of world history of wine production, an integrant part of the culture.

Republic of Moldova has obtained the title of “country with open doors in the paradise of wine”, because wine production is the basic occupation of Moldavians. Anybody is welcomed here. Far from the borders of republic there is a well-known appreciated and preferred production of the “MILEŞTII MICI” Winery, the oldest place of storage of the “holy drink”. The place which keeps the miracle of Milestii Mici.
“History footprints” are felt everywhere. A specific rarity is the solemnly petrified barrel on the pedestal at the winery entrance. It is just that barrel which along many years has offered the natural forces of the oak to the wonderful “Cabernet” wine.

Millions of years ago, in the actual territory of Moldova there was the Sarmatic Sea, but now there is a sea of wines with variable tones of taste. Their value, as well as the value of the “Moldova de Lux” sparkling wines – may be appreciated in the tasting rooms along with select menus at the customers’ discretion.
Surrounded by a romantic aura, that natural wine depository – the biggest in the world – has appeared in the limestone galleries at the depth of 30-85 meters in the 70’s of the previous century.

The wines that are stored here are the products of the harvest of different years, between 1986 and 1991. Spirit of the past times is felt in this underground wine city growing out of the large tunnels. Natural limestone galleries with total length of 200 km may be passed by transport. And the streets of the underground wine city, placed on a surface of 55 km, are full of oak buts that are standing there as guardians on the watch .

Constant temperature of 12 – 14°C and relative humidity of 85-95% of this “wine kingdom” ideally contributes both to storage of Moldavian strategic reserve and to discovery of natural qualities of elite wines. From all over the country here were brought the wines from the years of the best harvest and were stored for maturation. At the moment IS CVC “Mileştii Mici” has own wine, but also purchases grapes from other companies, depending on their geographic location, to produce a certain kind of wine.

Today the “underground kingdom” evokes the same emotions as formerly. The lucky people who have reached this place have the possibility to travel on the shady boulevards and streets with long rows of barrels full of wine. They may visit the Golden Collection discovering the beauty of snow-covered baths where the precious bottles are laid carefully. Covered by an element of remoteness – cobweb and grey dust – they attract the looks like a magnet. And to make the passage in time more emotional, there is provided a map of wine galleries sealed with red wax for all comers. And those who want to come back again may buy a bottle of collection wine which label represents the map of underground galleries.

Where originates the wine reputation of Moldova? It may be declared with firm belief that: at the “Golden Collection” MILESTII MICI. Here are stored cca 1.5 million bottles of harmonious wine dated with the period of prosper of the Moldavian wine production. “Pinot”, “Traminer”, “Muscat”, “Riesling”, “Feteasca”, “Dnestrovskoe”, “Milestskoe”, “Codru”, “Trandafirul Moldovei”, “Auriu”, “Cahor-Ciumai”,”Marsala”,”Utreneaia Rosa”,”Nejnosti” etc. All are produced in strict conformity with old Moldavian traditions, are kept for maturation in a silent and quiet atmosphere. In each drop of these drinks is felt the fire of sun and vigor of earth.

In September 2002 the Quality Wines Industrial Complex “MILESTII MICI” is honored to carry out the presentation of its collection wines at Strasbourg at the Parliamentary General Meeting of the Council of European Union.

Over 500 members of European Parliament have participated at the presentation, and they highly appreciated the quality of Milestii Mici wines.

Tasting the elite reserves of the wine depository, you may choose the wanted type of wine. All of them have a pronounced personality and cause joy only!


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