MOLDOVA Wine tasting Festival October , 3 days 2022

MOLDOVA Wine tasting Festival October, 3 days 2022

The wine from the soul of Moldova, a true living legend

We are honored to invite you to National Wine Day in Moldova the big festival will take place on October 2-3 in the Great National Assembly Square of Chisinau. Will surely enjoy the aroma and bouquet of Moldovan wines. Two days of street wine and food Festival.
It’s a true festival where culture and traditions revive.

An old tradition got its formal recognition: when the wine fermentation process is over, the wine producers invite everyone to appreciate the quality and taste of the new wine. It is a great opportunity to try different types of wine, enjoy barbeque, meet people, and get an unforgettable Moldovan experience.
Folk music and dance events are planned in an open-air area, and participants can even engage in the traditional dance “hora”, a group dance symbolizing unity. Nearly 100 wineries, thousands of visitors, including tourists from all around the world gather on this day in the central square of Chisinau. Remember – Wine Festival is an excellent opportunity to discover Moldova.

Wine festivals are centered around wine and its production of course. But typically the festivals are very approachable and tourists are welcomed to take part in the festivities and enjoy the local color, the music, and copious local specialties on offer. So if you see a sign for a wine festival on your travels, don’t hesitate to get involved.

DAY 1: 01 October

Arriving in Chisinau. Warm greeting in Chisinau Airport.

Transfer to the Hotel with drive only.

Accommodation in 3*/4* hotel. And Hostel; Afternoon meeting with the Guide at the lobby bar.

15:00 Milestii Mici cellars  with  3 wine degustation. 

18:10  City Tour – “Discovering one of the greenest European cities”- Will walk  all the main street  STEFAN CEL Mare,  will visit  the  Cathedral in the city Center, Triumphal arch (The

Triumphal arch was built in 1840 by architect I. Zauschevic and thanks to the governors of Bessarabia initiative to commemorate the victory of the Russian Empire over the Ottoman Empire during the RussoTurkish War (1828–29).),

Main sightseeing’s

  • “The Nativity” Cathedral,
  • Arch of Triumph,
  • City House,
  • Organ Hall,
  • St. Panteleimon Church,
  • The monument of Steven the Great,
  • A. Pushkin bust, and A. Pushkin Hill.
  • Small houses dating from the least 100 years ago,
  • Pushkin House, is a unique construction. In the world, there are only two such extant houses where the poet lived – in Chisinau, Moldova, and St. Petersburg, Russia.

Optional: Dinner in the Moldavian style 17:00-21:00.

Restaurants:  SALCIOARA 

Day 2: 02 October National Festival of Wine opening with concerts and programs.

09:30 meeting with the guide in the Hotel hall.
10:00 National Festival of Wine opening with concerts and programs.
You will see every stand of National Wine, culture, agriculture, and production.
Main Concert in Moldavian Style on the national square.
This year, a record number of 60 wine producers will come to the Great National Assembly Square to present the product of national pride and the national traditions in winemaking. The visitors of the event will be encouraged to get to know the Wine of Moldova and to enjoy it moderately and responsibly.
A record number of 60 wine producers will get united by the national wine brand “Wine of Moldova” and will let participants taste hundreds of types of quality wine from Protected Geographical Regions: wine from 2017 harvest, collection and reserve wine, as well as products launched in premiere within the national holiday.
Two authentic peasant yards will replicate the process of wine-making, with traditional benches, barrels, winepress, grapes, and osier baskets and, of course, with traditional house hosts. Their presence will reflect the millenary wine-making traditions of or people.
Wine School – the best sommeliers will guide the participants through the mystery of conscious consumption of Moldovan Wine and will organize master classes.
Local gastronomic flavors – you will have the chance to taste the best types of local food prepared during the event, assorted with Moldovan Wine and seasoned with artistic shows with all types of music.
Concerts – well-known folk music orchestras, dancing clubs from Chisinau and Moldovan regions, and local music bands will entertain the public with their performance.
Lunch 13:00 will enjoy the lunch in traditional style.
16:00 How to be in Moldova and not visit the biggest winery in Europe.
Transfer to Cricova
DAY3: Excursion to Transnistria Back to USSR and visit Bender Tighina Fortress
Excursion to Transnistria Back to USSR and visit Bender Tighina Fortress
Our great pleasure is to offer you a new tour in Moldova. Transferring from Chisinau to Transnistria. Become one of the few travelers to visit Transnistria, a breakaway republic in eastern Moldova, where Soviet values are still upheld and locals continue their fight for independence, Tiraspol and Bender city the main!
Tiraspol – Back in the USSRV time for lunch
Visiting Tiraspol – the capital of the unrecognized republic of Transnistria. Transnistria is a true island of communism and the atmosphere of Tiraspol abundantly proves this TIRASPOL is the biggest city in Transnistria. The city is located on the eastern bank of the Nistru River.
Tiraspol is a city that portraits very well a classical soviet city, both in terms of monuments and in terms of city decoration and ideological tools used. Many tourist are interested in this kind of heritage.

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