Soroca Fortress and the Thanksgiving Candle.

Soroca Fortress

In another 4-5 km from the Thanksgiving Candle you will find the Soroca Fortress, which is right on the bank of Nistru (Dniester) river.

You can capture some beautiful shots from the top of the fortress, the small stone windows and holes can create very original frames around your photos.

The Thanksgiving Candle in Soroca

If you decide to go to Soroca Fortress, there is no reason not to visit the Thanksgiving Candle, which was built in 2004 based on the idea of the classical writer of Moldavian literature, Ion Druta.

It is 29.5 meters tall and you have to walk over 600 steps in order to reach it, as it is built on top of one of the many Soroca hills.

This is the view that you get to enjoy if you manage to climb all the stairs. Totally worth it.



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